Solaeen – Pieces for Santour by : Parviz Meshkatian – Arrange, Notation & Performance by : Alireza Javaheri

Solaeen Alireza Javaheri CD

Pieces for Santour
Composer : Parviz Meshkatian
Transcription & direction : Alireza Javaheri

Performance : Alireza Javaheri
Revision & Editing  : Alireza Javaheri
Publisher : Avaye Chakad
Date of publish
Nov 2013


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1-Sama Aeen (Aeen’s dance) – Homayun Sol (La coron) Voice-logo

2-Jostoju (Search) in Chakavak – Homayun Sol (La coron) Voice-logo

3-Dad o Bidad (Chaharmezrab Bidad) – Bidad Re – Homayun Sol (La coron) Voice-logo

4-Chandmezrab Bidad – Bidad Re – Homayun Sol (La coron) Voice-logo

5-Chaharmezrab Mahur (in the basis of the Habib Samaee’s piece) – Mahur Fa Voice-logo

6-Chaharmezrab Nahib – Mahur Fa Voice-logo

7-Chaharmezrab Delkesh (in the basis of Abolhasan Saba’s piece) – Mahur Fa Voice-logo

8-Entezar (The waiting) in Rak – Mahur Fa note-logo  Voice-logo

9-Reng Dahsti – Dashti Re Voice-logo

10-Chaharmezrab Chahargah ( in the basis of Persian classical Radif) – Chahargah Do Voice-logo

11-Dude Oud – Overture in Nava – Do Voice-logo

12-Dude Oud – Overture in Nava – Sol Voice-logo